Welcome to the world of Tariq Riaz

A dance of Art +Mechanics

Welcome to the world of Tariq Riaz

A dance of Art +Mechanics


In tango it is the embrace – the abrazo – that connects the dancers. It is the source of all the movements they take together.


Abrazo is always sincere and real.

We have brought this philosophy to our work. Creating jewelry that embraces the wearer, fitting perfectly, and comfortably, following every move that you make. As your body changes – with age, with pregnancy, with arthritis, with temperature – our mechanisms will keep your jewelry comfortable, whatever the circumstance. When you pass this treasure to the next generation, it will fit them too.

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Delight the eye. Occupy the fingers. Here you are, right now.   Details: Rose Gold – 18K Color Stones – 28 Natural Emeralds, 6.29 Carats AbrazoFIT™– Adjusts to fit sizes 6-10 Delivery time: 4-6 weeks

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Circle of Life S-Stud Earrings $2,004.00
Circle of Life Ring (single) $4,995.00
Circle of Life Bracelet $14,242.00
Circle of Life Dangling Earrings $10,920.00

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