The jewelry of Tariq Riaz sits at the meeting place of art and mechanics

Movement is captured in a single moment. Culture and science dance together to tell stories inspired by nature, by culture, and by the people who wear his work.
Using the earth’s finest materials, and supported by a team of skilled craftsmen using state-of-the-art technology, Tariq designs and creates unique pieces to be collected, worn and loved for generations. His Abu Dhabi workshop is a place for experimentation and play, a place to celebrate the possibilities of beauty and science.

The result is work that is both beautiful and uncommonly wearable. Tariq’s background in robotics and design has helped him solve familiar problems. How to ensure rings fit when your fingers change with age, temperature or arthritis? How to stop a ring rotating on your finger? We know, and our growing list of awards shows our success.

Ingeniously designed mechanisms are at the heart of Tariq’s AbrazoFIT™ philosophy

Design that ensures jewelry fits perfectly, moves with your body, now and forever.

Crafted with utmost precision, experience the seamless blend of elegance and functionality.

Discover the artistry that goes into each creation as our passionate team brings dreams to life. Immerse yourself in a world where beauty and elegance intertwine, where every piece tells a story and captures hearts.